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Thursday, March 21, 2013


They hatched the chickens from eggs. Dutifully, they feed and water the birds each day, offering the occasional treat from a lunchbox. Each chicken has a name, and is well-loved. I believe that these children will always remember this part of their lives, where they loved and tended, and were responsible for other living things. And talk about the icing on the cake! The chickens produce eggs for us that we use in our practical life work. 

When I owned a cafe, I taught high school students how to fry eggs. They had never done it, and they were so nervous about this simple task! Yet at a young age, the children in my class build themselves each day with common household tasks such as cooking an egg, or ironing a table cloth. This is where self-worth begins. They are developing so much more than the skill it takes to fry an egg in this integrated curriculum of ours. 

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