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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Children Blossom in the Garden

     Just a few ideas about why I believe every child should experience gardening - on a serious level. No plastic shovels, or hoes, or rakes. Very good garden tools can be found at the local home improvement store. Just buy small sizes, i.e. a bulb digging shovel is a good size for a small child, but quality, as it is made for adults. Another option is to simply saw down adult tools to appropriate size. Teach children to clean and maintain their tools, and keep them in a storage space so they are always in good shape for the next time. Supply gloves and a good watering can, show them how to sow and tend, and they will be content, concentrating, and fulfilled for hours. Leave a small area of garden just for the young child to practice digging deep holes, and don't forget to raise some worms!

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